Sunday, July 28, 2013

::{ 5 Years }::

I met the Mister five years ago (yesterday).

July 27th is a great day for the A-Team because we always remember to celebrate the day we met.  It wasn't, in fact, love at first sight.  Nope.  It was even better than that because it was quite a turning point for me in a most unexpected way.  I adore surprises, and crossing paths with Steve was one of the very best surprises I've ever received.  Everything about that day is crystal clear in my mind.  I remember exactly where I was standing, what I was wearing, what I was doing, and the first words Steve said to me that evening when we met, as if it happened yesterday.


(Not the day we met, but during our week as co-counselors at EFY)


(Celebrating five years at a Clippers game)

The words from one of my favorite songs sum up the last five years the best: 
(and Benny Goodman has one of the best versions, in my opinion)

You make me feel so grand, I wanna hand the world to you
You seem to understand each foolish scheme that I'm scheming
And the dream that I'm dreaming
Now I know why my mother, she taught me to be true
She meant me for someone exactly like you

Truer words couldn't be spoken.  
Until the next July 27th...