Sunday, April 28, 2013


Warning: Photo-dump ahead.

We now have a one-year old, which still blows my mind (one month later).  So here is some recent documentation of the Bug on and around her birthday, for your viewing pleasure.

Before we get to the photos, these are some things that we always want to remember about AJ at this stage:

1) She is a mover and a shaker.  Once she figured out how to walk, she decided that she would never stand still.  Ever.  She really likes to dance, i.e. shake her booty and swing her arms.  The best part is that she dances to the beat - cracks us up every time.

2) She eats anything and everything (except mushrooms), including dirt.  She gets in trouble if she drops food on the ground, but for the most part, she waddles around with a perfect little pot belly after every meal.

3) She has finally found and figured out a sippy cup that she likes.  That only happened after we went through most of the options out there.

4) She hates shoes.  I'm guessing that will change all too soon, so I'm not concerned about it at this point.

5) She loves books.  She has the attention span of a gnat, but even still, her favorite thing to do after pulling all of the books off the bookshelf is to sit and look through about ten of them in two minutes.

6) She's starting to climb.  Yikes.

7) She loves playing outside.

8) She's a total flirt - ask every male in our ward.

9) To go along with #8, she's also a ham.

10) Daytime naps are unpredictable (some are 20 minutes, some are 80 minutes), but I really can't complain.  She sleeps 11 hours at night and has been doing that for a very long time.  Bless her little heart.

11) She leaves our front room looking like a tornado on a daily basis.

12) She is curious, and a keen observer.  It amazes me how observant she is, and how quickly she learns things that seem rather difficult for a one-year old (but what do I know?  This is a first for all of us).

My two favorites:

Three pigtails, because three is always better than two.

Bug at the annual Duckling Days celebration at the public library.

Struttin' her stuff.

Daddy's girls - through and through.

Getting ready to celebrate.

She was very polite and dainty...

Until she figured out what this was all about.

And then she devoured it.


"Oh, was I supposed to wait for something?"

Team Adams knows how to party, and this was defnitely a family affair.

My favorite picture of all time.

Bug is very much like Steve when it comes to food/eating - neither of them like getting their hands messy when they eat (though Bug can't really avoid it).  The sugar made it worth the mess.

Opening some gifts, and enjoying the wrapping/packaging as much as the gift itself.


Playing with the fire truck.

Some fun decor for the birthday festivities...

And if you look closely, you'll see what the day was actually about.
Because, c'mon, this was as much for us as it was for Bug, so let's just be real, shall we?

Best year of our lives.
Happy birthday, Little Bug!