Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Bug

Little Bug is approaching four months (this coming Monday) so we thought we'd share a few photos that capture her fun personality since we haven't updated Picasa for awhile.

 Bib-turned-hat...very stylish

Getting in some of the Good Word before bedtime 

 Sharing her thoughts on what she just very kind

If a bib is fashionable, why not a washcloth as well?

 The possibilities are endless.  We have a very resourceful kid on our hands.

And to show you just how much she is growing...last week we stuck Bug in the same outfit that we put her in when we brought her home from the hospital.

Why use stats/words when photos can do the talking?

Let's just say she's growing like a weed.

Oh how we love our little Ainsley Bug.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Steve graduated in June, and I'm so proud of him!
It was a fun day celebrating two years in the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at OSU with amazing friends.
Here's how we celebrated...

We started with lots of pictures outside the Glenn School building.

Had a fun conversation with Senator John Glenn, and his wife, Annie.

Watched the Mister as he walked across the stage - with Bug in his arms - to receive his diploma.  Being an Adams, Steve was the first to walk across the stage, but AJ may have stolen the show...

Snapped some more photos with Senator Glenn and the family.  We feel so lucky that Steve's aunt, Cheryl, happened to be in Columbus that weekend and got to participate in the graduation festivities.  It was so fun having her here!

Steve with his parents, Julie and Derrall.  If you didn't catch it in our last post, they flew all the way from Lima, Peru to be there for Steve's graduation.  Events like this are always more special when shared with family.

Team Adams  

AJ was decked out as an OSU cheerleader, spit bubbles and all - daddy's littlest fan.  

Here we are in Union building to see the sculpture of Brutus the Buckeye, and celebrate being an alumnus.

This next picture has a pretty cool story.  Before the graduates walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, awards were given out to a few students and faculty.  As Dr. Greenbaum presented the winner for the Mary Katchmar award (they didn't mention a name until the very end) I thought the person being described sounded very familiar, but it wasn't until the last few comments that I knew Steve had won this particular award.  I couldn't agree more with the comments below.

Mary E. Katchmar Outstanding Service Award

This unique service award recognizes a graduating student who has been nominated by his/her peers as demonstrating selfless giving to others without expectations of compensation or acknowledgment.
The award was established by Jody and Scott Gary (MPA ’87) in honor of Scott’s grandmother, Mary Katchmar.  Scott’s intent for the award was to recognize students who go above and beyond and are not necessarily otherwise recognized or even aware of the fact that they are making such a difference in the lives of so many other students. These are the types of people who regularly give credit to others and quietly leave themselves out of it, even when they deserve it. Leadership, trustworthiness, and humility are also common factors among past winners.

This year’s awardee was nominated by his peers, who remarked on his strong character, calling him a kind, calming influence, quiet and supportive, a person with depth of character and integrity, down to earth, caring, really listens and cares what people say when he asks how they are or if they need help. A person of quiet service.  He served as a teaching assistant for us this year, and he was lauded for frequently interacting with students outside of office hours and class, just to check in and help if he could. He also frequently offered help to students in other classes.

And, I might add, I had the opportunity to work with this year’s recipient this past summer on a research project, and he was always very concerned about pleasing the client, which happened to be county government agencies.

Finally, this year’s award winner has a love of Adidas that rival’s our own Craig Boardman.

If you have not yet guessed it, this year’s winner is 
Mr. Steven Grant Adams.


A good friend of ours, Alex, won the T.A. of the Year Award, and we wanted to document the accomplishment.  Steve has been very fortunate to associate with talented, kind, and driven people while attending the Glenn school.  We're grateful for the many wonderful friendships we've made these last two years.

And some candid photography for you - just in case you were wondering who wears the pants in the family...

Only teasing.

Congrats Steve!