Sunday, February 26, 2012

Of Note

Some things of note:

1) I finally read The Great Divorce. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but can't really tell you why quite yet. Mr. Lewis always takes me some time to digest. But I highly recommend this book if you haven't already read it. A quote:

"There have been men before now who got so interested in proving the existence of God that they came to care nothing for God if the good Lord had nothing to do but exist! There have been some who were so occupied in spreading Christianity that they never gave a thought to Christ."

A valuable reality check.

2) It's almost March. Do you know what that means?! We're that much closer to St. Patrick's Day! Which also means we're that much closer to the annual showing of Waking Ned Devine - one of my favorite films ever. In need of some evidence for the high praise?

Annie: "Have we won?"
Jackie: "No but it got me my apple tart brought in now didn't it."

The O'Shea's have an awesome marriage - the scene quoted above cracks me up, yet causes my heart to race all at the same time...and I've watched the film a bazillion times. We can't wait to celebrate some Irish ancestry (mine anyway) very shortly.

3) Ainsley's place is almost put together. There are owls, stars, and sweet chinese lanterns - meaning - there is some serious nocturnal awesomeness taking over in the room next door.

4) Steve became converted to sushi this week. The Red Dragon roll is to blame (or credit, depending on your view of raw fish).

5) John and Annie Glenn make a very classy couple. This week was big for the Glenns, and it was fun for Steve to be a part of it seeing how this former astronaut is a living mascot for Steve's college at OSU. A friend of mine recently posed the question, "What is love?" looking for a genuine response. The following story answers her question perfectly.

6) We have some very talented friends that recently rocked the Dayton Smackdown which we finally got to experience in person. Swing Columbus competed in Dayton this weekend and took home the trophy. You should check out their fabulous swing dance routine - the win was well earned.

Monday, February 13, 2012

29 Things

Steve turned 29 yesterday. T'was a fantastic day.

Here are 29 things that you need to know about Steve (for posterity's sake). Some things you may already know, others may surprise you, but here we go:

1) Supreme dish washer. He was THE dishwasher (literally) in Scotland, but he has become a master at utilizing the machine version to its utmost capacity.

2) Habitual journal writer. Every day, folks - every day! He keeps a record of the big things, little things, and seemingly inconsequential things that will probably make a lot of people laugh at some point in the future.

3) Indifferent towards technology. He doesn't obsess over the latest and greatest technological product/upgrade. He uses a cell phone to call/text me regularly. He uses a computer for papers and emails. And that's enough.

4) User of public transportation. Even though we have two cars at our disposal, he still prefers taking the bus to school (mostly because he likes reading books and not worrying about traffic).

5) Loves to the library. I frequently hear him say, "I went on a shopping spree today! Guess what I found?" I won't go into the details, but if you were to take a peek at our bookshelf, you'd learn the answer. Free and fulfilling - and you can even "shop" online (Steve requests books like a maniac and has them delivered to the public library nearby).

6) Avid recycler. This started in Taiwan and hasn't stopped since. Our recycling pile intimidates our trash pile on any given day.

7) Insanely lucky. This one occasionally drives me crazy, but it's just part of who Steve is. I do not know how to explain it, but Steve is so lucky - especially at games! He's good at skill/strategy games, but at games where it's pure luck, he still manages to crush the competition (yours truly) on a regular basis.

8) Prompt un-packer. Within ten minutes of arriving home from any vacation, Steve is unpacked and organized. Let's just say that we're polar opposites in this regard...

9) Racquetballer. He loves to play racquetball, and while I've never played against him, I hear he's pretty good for a white guy.

10) Doesn't eat fruit. Let me be more clear - Steve doesn't eat citrus fruits, and avoids them like the plague. I'm totally cool with that - more pineapple for the Mrs.

11) Doesn't eat ice cream. Again, for clarification, Steve doesn't eat ice cream as much. Not gonna lie, I was stunned when I realized how much he loves ice cream while we were dating. I remember going through his freezer one day and pulling out 9 different containers of ice cream! He still makes a killer frozen concoction when he really feels like it, but it doesn't happen all that often anymore.

12) Traveler extraordinaire. He loves to travel, even if it means we change plans at the last minute due to bad weather, and become visitors in our own city. He loves to explore and see new people, places, and things.

13) Sweet tooth for cinnamon gummy bears. While living in Scotland, we requested a care package from my sister when we met up with my family in Europe and all that we asked for was as many cinnamon gummy bears as could reasonably be brought across the pond. Steve was in heaven while they lasted.

14) Thai food addict. Thai green curry is his favorite. When we move to a new place, one of the first must-find spots is a good Thai joint.

15) Possessor of random trivia. We attend trivia night every other Thursday, and it's always the random questions that you'd think everyone would know (but we don't) where Steve's knowledge pays off. One of the benefits of being married to a walking non-fiction-loving encyclopedia. For example - off the top of your head, can you name the 48th state to join the Union? Steve can (and did) without even thinking about it.

16) Teachable. He is never too proud to admit mistakes, learn from the past, pick himself up and improve.

17) Self-entertaining. I don't really know how to describe this aspect, but basically, Steve doesn't watch TV. We've never had one since being married, and I don't know if that will change any time soon. Correction: we have a TV, but it is currently sitting in our basement collecting dust. He finds ample ways to enjoy his time without sitting in front of the tube.

18) Loves The New Yorker cartoons. The articles are great, but Steve really enjoys flipping through the magazine as soon as it arrives to check out the witty (sometimes too intelligent for us) cartoons. This one about Joey is our favorite.

19) Lego-lover. Steve home teaches a family with an eight year old named Atticus (coolest kid), and they bond over lego forts, ships, castles, planes, etc. It's pretty fun to watch when I've been able to tag along. You're never too old for legos.

20) "Half-a-piece." Do you want a whole piece or half of a piece? No matter what kind of gum, Steve chews one half at a time. Favorite flavor: Trident Watermelon Twist.

21) Hates melted cheese. It's a texture thing. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup - two cardinal culinary sins in the book of Steve. I console myself with more pineapple.

22) Piano player. He plays the piano on a regular basis and I can never get enough. Mostly musicals, but that's perfect since we both love musicals.

23) Kindle vs. iPod? KINDLE. He prefers reading books to listening to music any day. The only time he listens to music is when we're in the car together and I have control of the radio. When he's in a car by himself? A book on CD keeps him company. I suppose in keeping with #3 listed above, I should note that Steve doesn't own either, but I have both. In the three plus years I've known Steve he's never touched my iPod. Since obtaining a kindle at Christmas, Steve uses it more than I do.

24) German historian. Well, maybe not historian, but German history is his current fascination (again, as evidenced by our temporary library housed in our bookshelf).

25) Quick to apologize/forgive. Even when he shouldn't be the one stepping up to that difficult plate, he does: quickly and sincerely.

26) Has a watch, but doesn't wear it. Besides using his cell phone to make phone calls, it also serves as his primary method to tell the time.

27) Creative cat. He leaves thoughtful notes and gestures for me on a regular basis, but Valentine's Day last year was totally great. I worked that night until 8pm, which meant that I had the car (we only had one at the time) and Steve had no way to get anywhere to buy flowers like many husbands do for their wives. What did I come home to? A dozen lego palm trees that Steve put together and meticulously arranged on the dining table surrounding a card. He's given me beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, but I'll never forget the lego palm trees.

28) Identity crisis. Steve loses his BuckID on a regular basis - almost daily. It's becoming a routine that I am accustomed to, and it usually goes something like this: "Shoot! I can't find my BuckID! Kristen, have you seen it anywhere?" Panic ensues for 5 minutes. BuckID jumps out from one of its usual hiding spots and heart rates drop to normal levels. It's like clockwork.

29) Happy as a clam. We all have ups and downs, but it is so refreshing how happy Steve is on a regular basis. It's just who he is, and it's contagious.

So there's the profile - 29 things about my best friend.