Thursday, October 27, 2011

Irish and Awesome

And to think that I spent years attempting the very same, only with my feet...

Simply amazing (though Irish music is way cooler).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chicago Style

We love Chicago.

I haven't felt this way about a city since Edinburgh. Five minutes after arriving in Scotland's capital, I was in love.

Same thing with Chicago.
Even though our recent adventure over Columbus Day weekend wasn't my first time visiting this fabulous spot, it was the first time that I got a good feel for the city and all its treasures.

If work or school takes us there, we'll be happy as clams. No matter where work or school takes us, we'll still be happy as clams, but Chicago is incredibly cool.

So here's a look at the Chicago style adventures we had this last weekend.

We started out at the Art Institute of Chicago.

A little art humor presented by Steve.

Treasures in the Art Institute - Grant Wood's American Gothic and George Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte.

When I teach about these paintings I have an extremely hard time not getting distracted by the following connections:

President Eyring and Cameron Frye

Can anyone else relate?

Totally missed this part of the Institute last time I was here, and this is probably my favorite section - the Thorne Miniature rooms.

Next stop: Shedd Aquarium

Coolest jellyfish exhibit ever! Aren't they pretty?

More cool creatures - we were mesmerized.

After seeing live animals at the aquarium, we saw some dead ones next door at the Field Museum.

Meet Sue and Pumbaa.

One of the marinas off of Michigan Lake.

We caught a trolley and headed up North to explore the Magnificent Mile where we saw the following attractions:

This is close to the Chicago Water Tower building - in the heart of the Mile.

And not far away is the John Hancock Tower - Chicago's 4th tallest building, which has the best views of the surrounding areas.

Looking North...

A candy shop along the Magnificent Mall with some amazing displays.

Fruity candy is way better than chocolate candy. If taste wasn't evidence enough, here's fashion that also supports my claim.

Winding up our walk down the mile, we came to some fabulous river scenery.

Then we finished the day at Millenium Park.

Had to take pictures at Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate.

And some more pictures at the nearby fountains.

Favorite photo from the trip.

The next day found us at Navy Pier.

Carousels and Swings. Please make note of Steve's pose in the airborne pic - classic Adams.

What's a trip to Chicago without a stop at Sears Tower?

From what we understand, the locals prefer not to refer to this building by its official name - Willis Tower.

Another view of a marina. Pretty at dusk, eh?

The following pictures show the amazing architecture that characterizes the city as seen from our cruise on the Chicago River.

Back to the Pier for some cool evening shots.

This is a picture where we stayed (the gate, anyway) - a gorgeous home belonging to Steve's relatives who were kind enough to let us stay even though all the family was away for the weekend.

On our way out we stopped by the Chicago Illinois LDS Temple to check it out since we were so close.

Then we headed home.

Some gorgeous scenery to welcome us back to Ohio.
Autumn is the best.