Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Under the Sea

May and June (thus far) have been CrAzY fun.

There are a bazillion pictures to share of the latest and greatest adventures, but it all starts with COZUMEL.

After a ten year hiatus, I finally made it back. Some things are completely different and some things are exactly the same. Steve was stuck in Ohio gearing up for finals week so he couldn't be my dive buddy, but I made a slideshow for him that I want to share with the rest of our family and friends. I hope you like my underwater message, Steve!

Speaking of family and friends - it has come to our attention that a few of our VIP's (as in, the people who make this blog necessary) can no longer access our blog since they are not gmail groupies. Hoping that we won't get too many random, strange visitors who leave random, strange comments, we've decided to make it public once again. A big thanks to those of you that followed us through what we'll call the Team Adams Underground.

Now, a couple things about the slideshow:
1) I compressed the images to upload it onto youtube, so you have to watch it at 240p instead of 360p - the quality isn't great at this setting, but you'll still see pure awesome-ness. Just wait until you see the turtles.
2) All of the skewered lionfish that were documented? Result of dive masters being instructed to kill all lionfish they find along the reefs in Cozumel - an endangered species in reverse. They are taking over and don't have any predators (spiky, poisonous little creatures). Our dive guide, Alberto, killed a good number of lionfish with his skewer/rubberband contraption, promptly cut off the poisonous projections, and then fed the carcasses to other fish happy to find lunch with little or no effort. Yours truly captured it on camera.
3) I really hope you appreciate the pictures of the squid - I sucked air to chase after that thing once my dad got my attention. It was totally worth it. Verne and Melville would be proud.
4) I also hope you enjoy the jackknife/drumfish photos. It's an ongoing debate in the Irvine household whether we were looking at a jackknife or a drumfish. I said jackknife. Lindsay said jackknife. Dad said drumfish. Alberto (dive master knows best!) said jackknife. So....
5) All but four dives were documented - all the weird names you see (if not referring to a sea creature) are the names of the reefs. The bright turquoise things on the night dive - octopi! Didn't get around to labeling those, but that's what you're looking at.

I think that's everything.
Hope you like the slideshow.

Oh, and the music is brought to you by Florence and the Machine, and Eva Cassidy.