Monday, August 29, 2011

On Utah

A couple things on Utah.


With school starting around the country, except in Ohio, I've been thinking about my time at college. A friend of mine recently moved to Provo to start her adventure at BYU and I could feel the excitement she has about the next four years of her life.

I figured I'd give her some advice, but it didn't include any of the following:

Frequent the International Cinema for quality films with quality people
Watch a star show in the planetarium
Take folk dance, or at least go to a Rec night on occasion
Where to study in the HBLL to actually study, rather than see/be seen
Fun places to live after you survive Heritage or Helaman Halls
Avoid the Wilk and opt for the Pendulum Court or MOA cafe for lunch
You don't have to physically go to the Marriott Center for Devotionals and Forums - it's broadcast all over campus. Good to know if your next class is in the Benson.
Cool teachers for the mandatory classes taken by all (hello, American Heritage and Book of Mormon)
Not-so-cool teachers for the same
Must see shows such as World of Dance, Christmas Around the World, and yes, even the Cougarette showcase
Go to a football game, even in you have no interest whatsoever in the sport - it builds character

So what did I tell her?

Unpack your bags. Make a friend. Take that friend to J-Dawgs.

5.5 years at BYU and that is the one piece of advice I have to share with a fellow Cougar.

I just found a recipe on Pinterest for the sauce, so maybe I won't have to find an excuse to travel to Provo this week. Keyword: maybe.


I knew this day would come sooner or later.

We finally registered our car here in Ohio.

Rest in peace, BLUIDQT.
Some people got it and some people didn't, but either way, gone are the days of providing free entertainment at red lights. No more random conversations in parking lots with people headed to the same place who had figured it out and wanted to tell me so.



The owner of Cafe Rio is now the Mission President of the Ohio Columbus Mission. After eating at Chipotle, he ordered cafe rio for zone conference - from Maryland!

I realize MP's have better things to do with their time than worry about the dearth of Cafe Rio in the Midwest, but what do you think the chances are that Cafe Rio will make its way to the Ohio before we move somewhere else?

A real quandary.

And on that happy note, Utah, here we come.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hocking Hills

One perfect Saturday. Two gorgeous hikes.

Hocking Hills State Park

Old Man's Cave & Rock House

Autumn will see us back again.