Sunday, May 29, 2011

BiRtHdaY MaDNesS!

Oh yes, it was birthday madness!

I am a big fan of turning 27.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love, love, LOVE surprises - especially planning them for others. It's rather ironic then that when it comes to being the recipient of surprises, I'm totally oblivious.

Steve loves to exploit this fact.

Read on to see how the birthday festivities went down.

We finished our shift at the temple early on Saturday evening (few patrons means an early night) and Steve offhandedly asked if I wanted to go out to dinner for my birthday since I would be working the following Monday (my actual birthday).

Complete spontaneity, right?


Turns out, Steve planned a surprise party for me at Thai Orchid with some of our very favorite people here in Columbus! My reaction to the surprise did not disappoint - huge smile, lots of laughter, and even some bouncing up an down when I finally put two and two together inside the restaurant when I rounded the corner and saw the faces of dear friends. Quality time with quality people - best birthday gift ever.

And yet, the fun had only just begun...

Then came Monday, May 23, 2011 - my official day of birth.
I got home from class at 8:00 p.m. and Steve once again surprised me with a spontaneous desire to go out for dessert at a place we've been meaning to try for months now:

The Chocolate Cafe.

If any of you come to visit us here in Columbus, you can pretty much count on doing three things.
1) Visit Kirtland
2) Attend an OSU football game -OR- a bike ride along the Olentangy River trail
3) Dinner & dessert at the Chocolate Cafe

These three things capture the essence of Ohio.
We were intending on getting only dessert, but the lobster bisque was too irresistible to pass up.

So that you understand how crazy it is to live in the Midwest, picture this.
We drove to the cafe, walked inside, perused the menu, and finally decided what we wanted in about the space of 25 minutes. Weather was just fine.
As soon as we were placing our order - which takes what, 30 seconds? - Steve looked outside to see a torrential downpour and freaked everyone out by saying, "Whoa! Check it out!"

We literally thought the wind and rain was going to cause our car to flip over in the parking lot.
Not too many things freak me out, but Mother Nature is not to be taken lightly.

Tornado warnings kept us company for the remainder of the evening.
We were a little hesitant to stick around for too long, especially considering that 3/4 of the cafe was glass...

So we ordered dessert to go.

Godiva chocolate cheesecake...
The Mr. says: Got milk?
The Mrs. says: Got insulin?

Best part was when we got home, walked in our back door and into our living room, only to find our front door WIDE OPEN! YIKES! I'm not sure what it is with that door and birthdays, but the two do not seem to be getting along.
Steve didn't lock the deadbolt when we left, and the winds were so strong that they blew our front door open.

May 23rd will not be easily forgotten.

We finished off birthday week yesterday at Franklin Park Conservatory to hit up the Asian Festival and see the butterfly release at the conservatory.

What you see above is about to become the best Thai food you've ever had - aka - chicken satay.

Wandering through the butterfly house at the conservatory - to our right is a pond filled with huge coy fish that swim amongst some amazing glass orb creations by Dale Chihuly.

Reminds me of Abravanel Hall - plus a tropical forest.
Does anyone else suffer from butterfly envy? They have impeccable taste in decor.

Our favorite butterfly.
Nice shot, Steve!

We might have to take the glass-blowing classes at the Conservatory...
This place was awesome.

Thanks for the fantastic birthday wishes from near and far - it made my day hearing from so many of you!